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Fresnel wavelets for coherent diffractive imaging

(09/2011-06/2019, second and third funding period)

DFG project C11 within the Collaborative Research Center 755 (Nanoscale photonic imaging)
Coherent diffractive imaging shows considerable promise to achieve very high spatial resolution. In practice, the most widely applied methods for in-line hologram reconstruction and phase retrieval are iterated projection algorithms. In this project, we aim to construct a new Fresnel wavelet frame that is suitable to represent optimally sparse Fresnel transformed images. We want to apply the new Fresnel wavelet frame for denoising of the measured hologram intensity and to derive new reconstruction schemes for phase retrieval that take the sparsity of the propagated wave field in the Fresnel wavelet frame into account.

Principal investigator: Gerlind Plonka-Hoch
Staff: Robert Beinert, Jakob Geppert, Stefan Loock

Corresponding publications
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Corresponding software
pyShearLab - A Python 2D Shearlet Toolbox
A Python toolbox for the two-dimensional discrete shearlet transform based on ShearLab3D.
Stefan Loock
PRwSC - A Toolbox for Phase Retrieval with Sparsity Constraints
A toolbox for Matlab and Python (pyPRwSC) for the reconstruction of images from phase retrieval data using sparsity constraints.
Stefan Loock

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