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Jens Krommweh

Completed projects
Digital image processing with shearlets (2006-2010)
DFG project
Tetrolet transform: A new adaptive Haar wavelet algorithm for sparse image representation
Jens Krommweh
Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation 21(4), 2010 (364-374, preprint as download)
Tetrolet shrinkage with anisotropic total variation minimization for image approximation
Jens Krommweh, Jianwei Ma
Signal Processing 90(8), 2010 (2529-2539, preprint as download)
An orthonormal basis of directional Haar wavelets on triangles
Jens Krommweh
Results in Mathematics 53(3-4), 2009 (323-331, preprint as download)
Tight frame characterization of multiwavelet vector functions in terms of the polyphase matrix
Jens Krommweh
International Journal of Wavelets, Multiresolution and Information Processing 7(1), 2009 (9-21, preprint as download)
Image approximation by adaptive tetrolet transform
Jens Krommweh
Sampling Theory and Applications (SampTA'09), L. Fesquet and B. Torresani (eds.), 2009 (81–84, preprint as download)
Directional Haar wavelet frames on triangles
Jens Krommweh, Gerlind Plonka
Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis 27, 2009 (215-234, revised preprint as download)
Tetrolet Transform
A New Adaptive Haar Wavelet Algorithm for Sparse Image Representation.
Jens Krommweh
Dr. Jens Krommweh